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See the Pen JavaScript 30: Day 6 – Wes Bos by Jon Bukiewicz (@tenebroso) on CodePen.

The above demo is from today’s tutorial of Wes Bos’ awesome JavaScript 30 series. We went over the Fetch API and explored “arrow functions” and “spread”, which are making me ready to take ES6 because they seem to be pretty helpful. I am having a little bit of trouble getting this to work in Safari, but I am assuming it has to do with Fetch support in general. I’d love to revisit this soon and see how best to get it working cross-browser.

I also spent a lot of the day watching some of the React courses and redesigning this blog, including adding in a Gulp build process with Browser Sync and Sass. Definitely feeling the coldness of winter setting in, so there was quite a bit of “inside time” to be had.

I plan to explore Fetch again soon, but it will be something I primarily only keep an eye on, until there is better browser support. Unless there is a way to polyfill? I’m sure there is. Yep just googled it and there is a polyfill. Ok, will revisit this for sure.

Either way, just glad to have some nicer fonts on here!