Jon Bukiewicz • Web Solutions Engineer • Chicago, Illinois

I’ve been thinking a lot about the interview process for a Front End Dev lately. It worries me and I can’t decide if it should. I’m not doing any per say, but I do check in from time to time on resources like Front-end job interview questions and imagine how I would feel driving to an interview where I’d be white boarding in front of strangers. I’d hopefully play it cool, but would be fully terrified. I’d end up rambling, thinking out loud as I undoubtedly included jQuery as a dependency. It’s for this reason that I feel guilt for not knowing Vanilla JS better and is the main reason I’m taking this course.

So yeah, I think I would have reason to worry at the start of some interviews. I don’t have every native method memorized, I have focused primarily on client work, and much of that was geared toward Front End UI. I imagine that my white board process would not be so much code itself, but concepts laid out generally via notes. It seems that it wouldn’t help me to try to force myself to remember what we have helpers in place now for, reducing the cognitive overhead of memorizing parameter order for functions, for example. Am I wrong in this? Should I be studying math for solving puzzles with for loops or can it be just as important for someone to have creative problem solving skills regardless of if they may need to look a few things up?