Jon Bukiewicz • Web Solutions Engineer • Chicago, Illinois

See the Pen JavaScript 30: Day 3 – Wes Bos by Jon Bukiewicz (@tenebroso) on CodePen.

A few notes from today:

  • I ended up diving into LESS and then SASS before knowing CSS variables were even a thing. As I went through today’s tutorial I started to feel guilty about this until I visited Can I Use and realized that they are not supported in IE. So now I don’t feel bad. I would say that 99% of the work on the web that I have done has been for clients that need IE support, so while I am glad I have an understanding of their capabilities, I don’t see myself using them anytime soon.
  • That said, it was pretty rad to make that connection between JS and updating those CSS variables on the fly. I’m really liking the deliberate use of data attributes to define something as simple as the suffix for each value. I remember seeing a question awhile back on a list of Front End Dev interview topics about data attributes and thinking that I didn’t have a 100% solid answer as to why we’d use them. The fact that they create organization and focus in providing attributes for an element is pretty awesome. It’s a reflection for me on how so many people have collaborated over time to produce what we now use every day and makes me feel fortunate at how many of the tiny struggles for consistency and organization are out of the way.